Dubai taxi drivers cut a poor image in poll


By Dhanusha Gokulan (Reporter )/Dubai 

Did you have to come to a screeching halt behind a taxi driver because he suddenly stopped his car to pick up a passenger? Has a Dubai Taxi driver flashed his lights and tail-gated you on a major highway?

2aDid the driver threaten to lose his temper because you raised your voice against him?

These are some of the most common complaints raised by Dubai residents against taxi drivers.

As much as 75.9 per cent of respondents in a Khaleej Times poll said Dubai taxi drivers lack good driving etiquette. The poll on the website showed that only 24.1 per cent of the respondents disagree on drivers with poor etiquette.

The poll on Twitter showed that 72 per cent of the respondents agree about drivers lacking etiquette and 28 per cent said they are indeed good drivers.

Dubai resident Zafar Ali responded to the KT Poll: “They (taxi drivers) exceed speed limits, change lanes without intimation, and tailgate. They are the most dangerous counterparts on the Dubai roads.”

The common complaints include tailgating, speeding, stopping on the middle of the road, changing lanes without indication, not using hazard lights and sudden breaks. Some passengers have also complained of arrogant behaviour on the part of the taxi drivers. Lilly Anne Towers said: “Most drivers violate rules … not just taxi drivers.” More info