Dubai Taxi discusses issues of mutual concern with Al-Futtaim Motors, Toyota Co.



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) held detailed discussions on the technical specifications of Toyota vehicles operating in the fleet of Dubai Taxi, as well as the specifications sought by DTC in these vehicles to meet customer needs, and other issues related to expenditure cuts.

Discussions to this effect were held during a meeting attended by the CEO of DTC Abdul-Aziz Malek, and the Director of DTC Fleet Processes and Operation Dep’t Yousef Al Ali, with a senior delegation from Al Futtaim and Toyota Motors companies.

The meeting discussed the manufacturing defects experienced by some Toyota vehicles and it was confirmed that DTC fleet is free from such defects. In case any fault is detected in future, Al Futtaim Co. will assume the responsibility of ensuing losses and damages.

“Al Futtaim Motors is among the key suppliers of DTC fleet; which comprises 3504 taxicabs, of which Toyota brand accounts for the larger share, with 1667 vehicles of Toyota make. Under the ongoing joint cooperation, we have discussed the procedures of reducing the operational costs of maintenance works and shared with Toyota delegation the procedures taken with regard to seats, smell and dents in vehicles and floors. We have also directed them to take these specifications on board when manufacturing such vehicles which would be deployed as taxicabs, and work out suitable solutions to avoid the problems encountered,” said Abdul-Aziz Malek.

“We have also briefed the delegation on certain technical observations on vehicles, which are part of the technical specifications of taxicabs required by DTC, such as the location of the battery, provision of a battery cap, vehicle floor, meter, and the possibility of fitting taxicabs with fridges for the use of customers in future,” commented Malek.

The meeting with Toyota delegation also discussed environment-friendly hybrid vehicles to get updated on the latest development in this regard. A brief visual presentation was made about DTC, including its organization chart, vision, mission, tasks, responsibilities, customer services and facilities, and vehicle booking and despatch system in addition to various statistics about vehicles and details of maintenance and operation.

The delegation praised DTC efforts and services offered to suppliers at different facilities, and expressed thanks and appreciation of the efforts, cooperation and support made by DTC to them in the context of the mutual cooperation between the two parties.