Dubai Taxi completes 15m trips, lifts 23m passengers in 6 months



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), Roads & Transport Authority, has made 15,834,000 trips lifting in the process 23,751,000 passengers in six months this year (Jan to June) through daily operations and several events served in the Emirate.

While revealing the statistics of DTC Fleet Operations Department, Director Yousef Mohammed Al Ali confirmed that all sections were ready to meet the daily requirements and needs of the fleet including repairs, maintenance and cleaning of 3504 affiliated taxicabs deployed as follows: Airport Taxi: 350 cabs, Hatta Taxi: 3 cabs, District Taxi: 20 cabs, Ladies Taxi: 26 cabs, and Commission Taxi: 3105 cabs.

“Six new cranes have been added to DTC’s workshop; which have boosted the technical capabilities of the workshop to cope with the volume of work required to be completed, in addition to the monthly maintenance of all existing equipment used in carrying out repairs and remedial maintenance. The workshop has carried out 23,203 routine maintenance jobs, 8,287 key repair jobs and 4,939 accident repair jobs during the first six months of this year,” said Al Ali.

The Director of DTC Fleet Operations stated that the operational efficiency of the workshop during the period in question had sharply increased to as high as 93% compared to last year.

He added, “There are 145 administrative and technical employees specialized in auto mechanics deployed at the workshop on shifts basis and the facility has 54 service bays fitted with the latest tools and modern vehicle repair systems,” he continued.

Al Ali further said, “There is full coordination between the workshop and the washing station; which carries out body wash for as many as 1500 cars and internal washing of about 25 to 30 cars per day. Over the last six months, the workshop used to carry out 3,924 internal washing processes and about 45,000 body washing processes every month.”

During the said period, the Department has made several achievements and launched many services & initiatives targeting customers. Some others are still in the pipeline pending completion by the end of this year with the aim of bringing a further increase in customer satisfaction with DTC services to 95%. These include deploying two highly advanced vehicles for serving special needs passengers 24 hours a day presented as gift by Al Futtaim Motors Co and Juma Al Majid Co, besides revamping Hatta Taxi and installing mini coolers for selling mineral water in 350 vehicles deployed at the Airport to offer a unique service to passengers.

“Fleet Operations Department is running a plan to reduce the costs of maintenance and repairs through developing up means for using repairable parts, urging employees to adopt security & safety equipment in their daily jobs, carrying on with the motivational initiatives for employees such as the (Administrative, Technical, Field) Employee of the Month, and exhorting employees to interact through Suggestion Boxes in an effort to encourage them and foster the spirit of competition and creativity among them,” said the Director of DTC Fleet Operations.