Dubai road’s speed limits to be revised



Speed limits on Dubai’s internal roads as well as highways will be revised by the end of June, local daily Khaleej Times reported on Wednesday.

Dubai speed limitsThe Gulf emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Traffic and Roads Agency (TRA) have been considering several proposals to improve road safety for the last one year. A new manual detailing the new speed limits will be released by end-June, the paper reported.

“We have put forward the proposals to the police, if they agree to it and IF the manual is finalised all road speed limits in Dubai will be evaluated and modified,” the paper quoted Maitha bin Adai, CEO of TRA, as saying.

Authorities believe that imposing new speed limits will help in lowering casualties to globally accepted level of five per 1,00,000 in five years, the paper reported.

Recently the Abu Dhabi Department of Traffic has decided to lower the speed on the highway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai from 160 kph to 140 kph in an attempt to slash the number of accidents.

All speed cameras will be adjusted later this month according to the new buffer and those travelling even one kilometre above the new speed limit will be penalised.