Dubai Police, Taxi body team up to train cabbies


By Neeraj Gangal

Dubai Taxi Corporation is teaming up with the Dubai Police General Headquarters to deliver awareness lectures to a group of cabdrivers about crashes and traffic offences, and how to minimise them.

Ammar Bin Tameem, Director of Fleet Drivers Affairs Department at Dubai Taxi Corporation said in a press release on Friday: “DTC is continuously cooperating and coordinating with the General Head Quarters of Dubai Police to hold such lectures and educative workshops in various topics”.

“In this context coordination is in hand with Nayef Police Station to hold an educative lecture about safe driving which covered several points, namely: safe distance, yellow box, pedestrian crossing, excessive speed, over-speeding at residential areas, jumping the red signal, right-hand overtaking, speaking over the mobile phone while driving, seat belt, vehicle inspection before heading to the workplace, and the most common traffic offences such as picking up and dropping off without noticing road users” added Ammar.

Bin Tameem stressed that DTC assigned considerable attention to qualifying and fully grooming drivers before embarking on vehicle driving as they were considered ambassadors of the RTA.

“This qualification of drivers does not only include safe driving and compliance with traffic & driving rules on the part of the DTC, but also attaching huge importance to instilling good conducts in drivers such as honesty and transparency in daily interaction with passengers, as they are a true mirror clearly reflecting the DTC approach, and need to uphold it firmly.”

The courses are held for novice and seasoned drivers in three languages; Arabic, English and Urdu.

These include lectures and practical applications about the best traffic safety practices during driving in a way capable of enhancing the safety of drivers, passengers and road users, the media release said.

Lt. Colonel Abdullah Khadim Suroor Al Maasam, Director of Nayef Police Station, said: “Through these campaigns and lectures we intend to boost the awareness of cabbies of accidents and traffic offences they make, and how to minimise them. They also aim at boosting the role of cabdrivers in maintaining the security of the community… cab driving profession can be utilised as a tool to minimize the occurrence of crimes and arrest perpetrators as they are 24 hours on the road.”

He added that Dubai Police was seeking to communicate with all taxi driving companies to acquaint them with the frequent types of traffic offences and accidents through awareness programs and campaigns, and enhance the traffic enforcement in order to ensure safe and smooth roads for all road users.