Dubai: Dos and don’ts for e-scooter riders

Riders must refrain from using dual headsets and inform authorities in case of accidents, even if no one is hurt.

Dubai: Dos and don’ts for e-scooter riders
Dubai: Dos and don’ts for e-scooter riders

As of now, e-scooters are permitted in only five Dubai districts — namely Al Rigga, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai Internet City, and 2nd of December Street.

Five different operators have also been approved to run the e-scooter rental business: Careem, Tier, Skrrt, Arnab and Lime.

The authority recently announced a number of safety stipulations, including the minimum age for riders. Below is complete of safety rules for riders using e-scooters.

Riders must:

•Be 14 years of age at least

•Wear a protective helmet and appropriate gear and shoes

•Park at designated places

•Avoid blocking the movement of pedestrians and vehicles

•Leave a safe distance between e-scooters, bikes and pedestrians

•Neither carry something that causes imbalance nor any other passenger

•Observe the traffic signs

•Report any incident to officials

•Refrain from using dual headsets

•Inform the competent authorities when any accident occurs, whether the accident was right or did not cause harm to others

•Adhere to general safety conditions while driving an electric scooter

•Wear appropriate clothes and shoes while using pedestrian crossings

•Dismount from the scooter while crossing pedestrian crossings

•Abide by traffic and traffic laws

In the event a rider’s smartphone battery goes dead and they are not able to end the ride, they should ensure the scooter is in a parking zone and contact a Customer Care operator as soon as possible, the authority added.

Failure to comply with these instructions and stipulations will be treated as a violation of the Federal Traffic Law. More