Dubai cop pays for taxi ride after impounding driver’s car


By Staff

An Arab man driving past Mall of Emirates in Dubai at night was told by a policeman to stop.

He knew his car would be impounded but he was not worried about the penalty. His main concern was how to go back home in Ajman when he had no money.

The policeman stopped him when he saw the man was driving without his seat belt. When the policeman checked his driving licence and registration card, he noticed that the card had long expired and the driver had not paid many traffic fines.

The policeman then told him he would seize the car and the driver replied that he had no money to go back home in Ajman.

After consulting by phone with his office, the policeman was asked to tell the driver to call friends or relatives to come and pick him up.

“The man tried but could not get any one as it was late at night… as he started to walk away, the policeman called him back,” Albayan daily said. More info