Driver gets life sentence for heroin possession


    By Bassam Za’za’

    A driver was handed a life sentence after a court yesterday convicted him of possessing two kilograms of heroin capsules, which he intended to provide to others.

    Dubai taxiThe Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the 29-year-old Pakistani driver to life in jail after he admitted that he possessed 257 capsules of heroin which he intended to provide to others.

    “I am guilty. I possessed drugs,” said 29-year-old F.K. when he confessed to his charges in court.

    Presiding Judge Fahmi Mounir Fahmi said the accused will be deported after serving his punishment. According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said F.K. possessed 117 capsules weighing 879 grams and 140 capsules weighing 1,123 grams of heroin.

    Chief Prosecutor Waleed Ali Khalifa Al Fuqaie, Head of Drugs Prosecution, asked the court to implement the toughest punishment applicable against the defendant.

    An Emirati anti-narcotic first lieutenant testified that an informant alerted Dubai Police’s Anti-narcotics Department about the defendant’s intention to hand the drugs to another person to be exported.

    “We obtained a search and arrest warrant from prosecutors. The informant agreed to meet F.K. near Al Ghurair Centre’s parking lot. The defendant was spotted driving his taxi into the parking. The informant sat in the taxi of the driver who was spotted handing him the drugs. An anti-narcotics police team raided the place and arrested the defendant,” the first lieutenant claimed to prosecutors.

    Prosecution records showed that police seized a white sack containing the heroin capsules.

    Police did not find any drugs when they searched the suspect and his car.

    Sunday’s judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.