Complaints against Dubai taxis down 30%


    By staff

    Dubai: Complaints against taxi services have dropped by 30 per cent since the establishment of a dedicated follow-up office, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has revealed.

    1The special office, set up under the Monitoring of Transport Activities Department, works exclusively to track public complaints against taxis, cab drivers and deluxe transport,

    Abdullah Al Mahri, director of Monitoring of Transport Activities at the Public Transport Agency, said: “RTA is keen on delivering premium customer services to bring happiness to people through establishing effective communication with the public, especially taxi and deluxe transport users. We attach paramount attention to the suggestions and feedback received from the public, which contribute to improving our operations.”

    He added that all observations received by the Customer Service Management System are closely followed up until they are eventually addressed.

    “Establishing RTA’s Observations Follow-up and Handling Office, which replaced the separate offices in franchise companies operating taxis and deluxe transport, has effectively contributed to improving the observations-handling mechanism,” he said. More info