Clouds with light rain likely over next few days


By Sami Zaatari, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi: Clouds coming in from Saudi Arabia are expected to cause light rain to fall in the coastal and northern parts of the UAE over the next three days, with the worst of last week’s heavy storms seemingly over.

Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/ Gulf News
Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/ Gulf News

“There are some clouds moving from Saudi Arabia and into our area which will bring some light drizzle over the next two days,” said a weather forecaster from the National Centre of Meteorology and Semiology (NCMS).

“The light rain will not be continuous, but will come and go over Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah,” the forecaster added.

Mist or fog that also recently formed in the morning is also expected to continue over the next few days according to the weather forecaster. More info