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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to beat Dubai traffic chaos on New Year’s Eve

Hundreds of thousands were stranded in traffic last year due to half a million people descending on Downtown Dubai. The plan entails making the Dubai Metro run round-the-clock on the day, and incudes the deployment of 63 buses and 4,000 taxicabs to transit up to 400,000 commuters to Burj Khalifa.

Dubai drivers rack up AED324m in fines in Q1

Dubai motorists notched up an additional AED72m in driving fines in the first three months of the year, compared to the same period in 2009, the city’s Roads and Transport Authority said.

Schools rush to recruit female bus attendants

Several schools in Dubai have put out advertisements inviting applications for prospective female bus monitors. This follows a decision last week by the Roads and Transport Authority making it mandatory for schools to have at least one female conductor on buses carrying girl students, or mixed students up to the primary level.

Zero road fatality in Dubai by 2020, says Police chief

1.3m every year, 3,500 a day, 150 per hour and nearly three people get killed on the street every minute across the world. The Dubai Police has set an ambitious goal to decrease road death to zero by 2020.

New speed limits for Dubai roads by June

Speed limits on Dubai roads — both internal as well as highways — would be revised according to a new manual to be released by the end of June, Khaleej Times has learnt. A special team at the RTA's Traffic and Roads Agency (TRA), in association with Dubai Police, has been studying various proposals to enhance road safety over the past year

8,000 Dubai taxis are Nol-ready

Dubai: Nol and credit card payment system is now available in the majority of taxis in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has...

How to create a lasting impression at the airport

Unlicensed taxis pose a threat to road safety across the country. They are unregulated, generally unsafe and drivers aren’t properly insured. Some don’t even...

New bus route maps to boost public transport use

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has started displaying improved and easy to read bus routes, network maps and timetables at the bus stops and main bus stations across the emirate. Tracking destinations and planning bus journeys have been made easy with the new-look bus routes and maps being installed at all the bus stops in Dubai.

Uber launches meal delivery service in Dubai

Uber will launch is meal delivery service on Thursday in Dubai, as it prepares to take on local rivals in the emirate. Starting at lunchtime...

New Dubai water taxi service to launch on Wed

A new five-boat water taxi service in Dubai will be launched on Wednesday, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced. The service works like a regular car taxi service where a customer calls up to request a boat pick them up at one of 18 different locations around the emirate, including Dubai Creek, the Atlantis hotel and Dubai Marina.

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Digital Kiosk to boost smart services for Dubai Taxi cabbies

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the Digital Kiosk intended to facilitate the processing of transactions...

From flying taxis to robocops – Dubai as tech pioneer

From flying taxis to Batman-style surveillance motorcycles, Dubai's GITEX expo this week showcased innovations that were symbols of the city-state's ambitions to be a...

Now hail a Tesla in UAE with your Uber app

Uber, in partnership with Dubai Taxi Corporation, was on Sunday announced as the exclusive ride-hailing partner for DTC's fleet of electric vehicles in the...

Uber and Dubai’s RTA in talks for cheap mass transport services...

Uber is in talks with Dubai to set up a new low cost transport service, even as it faces the loss of its operating...