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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Free Wi-Fi in Abu Dhabi taxis from next month

ABU DHABI // Taxi passengers in the capital will be able to enjoy free Wi-Fi in their cabs from next month. TransAD has announced the...

Taxi users complain about driving

Reckless driving by taxi drivers was the main complaint from customers at a forum held in Dubai by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Part of the council involved an open discussion on how to improve the taxi service, however the RTA also revealed that it is to toughen up its inspection programme.

Traffic alert: Accident on Sheikh Zayed Road causing morning gridlock

A two car accident on Sheikh Zayed Road is affecting north-bound traffic, heading into Sharjah, on the morning commute. Emergency vehicles are currently on the...

Behind the wheel: Pink twice

Dubai is looking for more female taxi drivers as the highly successful Pink Taxi fleet is set to double to 50 in the next few months, a senior official said. We have 65 Pink Taxi drivers and plan to hire 52 more," said Yousuf Al Ali, Director of Fleet Processes and Operation Department at the Dubai Taxi Corporation.

Traffic Awareness Lectures for Cabbies

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) is teaming up with Dubai Police General Headquarters (Naif Police Station) to deliver awareness lectures to cab drivers on how to avoid accidents and committing traffic offences.

Taxi drivers say their lives are on the line

Taxi drivers stripped off their neckties yesterday before forming a protest procession against unsafe working conditions, after the murder of a colleague. "We don't want to wear these neckties," said Kazi Mohammed, a Bangladeshi driver for National Taxi.

Using phone while driving is as risky as drink-driving

By Staff report  www.gulfnews.com Dubai: Talking on a mobile phone while driving is nearly as dangerous as drink driving, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)...

Dubai cars can now be renewed in any emirate

The Ministry of Interior announced the start of the traffic system link and unified federal licensing project with the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai (RTA) to renew the driving licence and vehicle registration nationwide with effect from early March.

Timing of services during Eid ul-Adha holiday

“The working hours of marine transit systems during Eid ul-Adha holidays will be as follows: Water Bus from 07:00 am up to 10:00 pm, Ferry Dubai from 09:00 am up to 07:00 pm, and the Water Taxi from 10:00 am up to 03:00 am starting from tomorrow (Thursday) and during the first and second Eid days only.

Cabbie who robbed passenger gets 3-month term

A Dubai Taxi driver, who snatched a passenger's wallet claiming that the latter did not pay the fare, was given a three-month jail term followed by deportation by the Dubai Criminal Court on Monday.

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Dubai Taxi inks agreement to use limo in tours service

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) at the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has signed an agreement with Lama Desert Tours & Cruises L.L.C., a...

Uber, Dubai plan to test flying cars at Expo 2020

Uber Technologies Inc has reportedly teamed up with officials from Dubai and Dallas to test flying cars within three years. The company aims to hold...

Taxi drivers in UAE manage to steer demanding job on the...

Abu Dhabi: As the taxi took a sudden right turn into a side street, the driver in the car behind slammed his horn in...

Dubai to Tesla, Google, Uber: Test your driverless cars here

Dubai wants Tesla, Google and Uber to test their driverless cars on its roads, a senior Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has said. The emirate...

Dubai’s self-flying drone taxi in action

A self-flying drone taxi will begin transporting passengers around Dubai this summer. The head of Dubai's Road and Transport Authority said that self-flying taxis...