Carpooling, Awselni pick up in Dubai


By Matovu A. Twaha

THE carpooling or Sharekni arrangement allowing private cars to transport people after they are registered with authorities is “gaining popularity,” revealed a senior official at the Dubai’s transportation authority.

Dubai taxiCarpooling or Sharekni is the shared use of a car especially for commuting to work and often by people who each have a car but travel together to save cost, and in a way promote other socio-environmental benefits.

“We have so far granted slightly more than 300 permits for cars that now carry over 15,000 passengers a month.

“It is for free,” the director, Planning and Business Development at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Mohammed Abubaker Alhashimi reminded the public.

Asked whether unscrupulous people abuse the system, he said, “There is a rigorous watch and inspection.”

Started in mid-2008, Sharekni agreement states, inter alia, the process must be conducted personally by the registered member only or by one legally representing a registered member. The RTA has the legal right to take action against those who register others.

It is free of charge, although passengers who are sharing cars through this service may assist the permit holder to meet the cost of trips by paying for fuel or tolls.

In a related development, Awselni, a service where RTA buses transport employees of the same organisation to and from work, is also “registering higher number of subscribers,” according to Alhashimi  “From carrying 100  employees in 2008, they’re now transporting 1,600!”