Cabdrivers educative program launched by RTA Dubai Taxi, Public Transport Agency



The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has teamed up with Public Transport Agency at Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to run an educative program for DTC taxi drivers focusing on traffic offences, as well as procedures and policies adopted by both bodies towards improving the code of conduct and quality of service delivered to the public.

Ammar bin Tameem, Director of DTC Fleet Drivers Affairs Dep’t, said:

“Cooperation is in hand with Franchise and Enforcement Dep’t at RTA Public Transport Agency; which is the supervisory body entrusted with drawing up policies and legislations, and monitoring the performance of all taxi franchise companies in Dubai, to create and run this educative program throughout the year 24/7 on shift basis.”

Bin Tameem added, “Drivers Training and Qualifying Center at Fleet Drivers Affairs Dep’t has coordinated the delivery of these lectures to cabdrivers on daily basis under this awareness program; with each lecture attended by 45 to 50 drives. Various booklets are distributed to them covering Drivers Offence Code detailing the resulting procedures applicable by DTC, Traffic Points system of Dubai Police, and Quality and Performance Penalties and Offences List of Public Transport Agency.”

Ammar bin Tameem
Ammar bin Tameem

“DTC is keen on qualifying and fully grooming drivers before sitting behind the steering wheel as they are considered ambassadors of the RTA. This qualification process does not only include safe driving and compliance with driving and traffic rules, but also goes beyond that to ensure that cabdrivers are well-behaved, and exhibit honesty and transparency in the daily dealing with passengers, as they reflect a true image of the DTC approach and commitment,” he said.

“All drivers undergo comprehensive and intensive training courses based on world-class modules with a view to improving and upgrading the level of services offered to passengers hailing from various spectrums of the community. In addition to that, educative programs will be carried out with other concerned bodies and delivered in Arabic, English and Urdu languages comprising lectures and practical demonstrations about the best traffic safety practices during driving in order to enhance the safety of drivers, passengers and road users; which will ultimately contribute to realizing RTA vision of providing Safe and Smooth Transport for All,” added Ammar in a final remark.

For his part Mansour Al Falasi, Acting Director of Franchise and Enforcement Dep’t at RTA Public Transport Agency, said, “Coordination is in hand with the concerned DTC staff to roll out an educative campaign throughout the year in cooperation with Vehicles and Passenger Transport Monitoring Section at Franchise and Enforcement Dep’t. Accordingly, cabdrivers have been introduced to quality and conduct offences, personal hygiene, vehicle cleaning and the policies and procedures applicable to them in addition to the compliance of cabdrivers with the rules of security and safety, and traffic offences among others.”

“The program touches on the details of those regulations and the general rules to be adopted by drivers, traffic safety principles, safeguarding the safety of road users, passenger smuggling and adhering to the official dress. It also includes up-keeping the vehicle (entering unpaved roads, parking on the pavement), managing a taxicab, customer service, communicating with customers, and etiquettes and conducts to be observed in all cases and conditions. The program also elaborates on traffic offences such as reckless driving, avoiding jumping the red light signal, and obstructing traffic flow (parking amid public bus stops, parking behind vehicles),” he continued.

The Acting Director of Franchise and Enforcement Dep’t at Public Transport Agency stated that the RTA was keen on offering drivers a comprehensive exposure in order to empower them to offer excellent services to the public and passengers. More efforts have to be made and drivers need to discharge their duties in excellent manner in order to contribute to the success and prosperity of the RTA, and improve the quality of services rendered in a way that befits the global profile of Dubai Emirate.