Cabbie who robbed passenger gets 3-month term


By Eman Al Baik

A Dubai Taxi driver, who snatched a passenger’s wallet claiming that the latter did not pay the fare, was given a three-month jail term followed by deportation by the Dubai Criminal Court on Monday.

“The passenger did not pay the fare so I robbed him,” MSA, 38, a Bangladeshi national, admitted before the police.

Appearing in the company’s uniform, the driver answered affirmatively when presiding judge Hamad Abdullatif Abdul Jawad asked him if he is still on job, in the previous hearing.

According to the charge sheet, on April 23, Mohammedullah Haji Amanullah complained to police that he was robbed by a driver of Dubai Taxi who picked him from the Naif area and snatched his wallet which contained $850 and Dh1,000.

Arriving at his destination, the passenger wanted to pay him in US dollars. The driver told the passenger that he belongs to a government body that does not accept any currency except the dirham.

The driver snatched the wallet from the passenger and ran away. The passenger lodged a complaint with Dubai Police, Waheed Marjan, 30, Pakistani, testified before the prosecution, representing the complainant.

Mohammed Hassan Khalaf, policeman, testified before the prosecution that RTA officials led the police to the driver.

The driver admitted taking the money of the passenger and when asked about the reason he said the passenger had refused to pay the taxi fare, testified the policeman.

A defence lawyer submitted a written memorandum to the court and the case was adjourned for verdict until Monday.

The court found MSA guilty and awarded him the 3-month jail term followed by deportation.