Cabbie Nabbed For Alleged Rape of Woman



DUBAI — Dubai Police arrested a taxi driver for allegedly raping a 23-year old British woman.

The woman, who came on a visit visa, told the police that on Thursday night at 3:30am she got out of a night club in Bur Dubai and took  a taxi.

She told the taxi driver to take her to the villa she was living in the Al Marbee area in Dubai.

The woman, who was allegedly drunk, told the police that she knocked on the door of the villa but nobody opened the door. Since she had no money, she went back to the taxi and sat on the back seat.

She said the 46-year old driver came from the front seat and pulled her pants down by force and raped her.  He then kicked her off the car and drove off. The police arrested the taxi driver, who was found in the compound of a taxi company in Al Rashidiya.

During interrogation, the taxi driver said that the British woman was drunk, knocked on the door of the villa and told him that she would get the money. But, when nobody opened the door, she sat on the back seat, took her pants down and told him that she did not have money and asked him to have sex with her.