Cabbie jailed for raping woman



    The Dubai Appellate Court upheld the verdict of the Criminal Court to imprison a 47-year-old taxi driver, identified as SGK, for five years to be followed by deportation for raping a woman.

    Dubai taxiThe driver was accused of raping the woman in her twenties in his car while being under the influence of alcohol.  The taxi driver denied the charge, claiming that it had been consensual.

    According to investigations, the victim took the cab going back home from a nightclub.  She reached her house and she asked the driver to let her go inside the house in order to bring him the taxi fare.  The driver then locked the door, prevented her from calling her mother and raped her in the back seat of the taxi.

    According to the police who came to the scene, the girl was drunk and was wearing her pants inside out. There were no signs of her clothes being torn and they said there were no scratches on the driver either, the police had added.  The suspect confessed to being involved in indecent relations but said that he did so with her approval.

    Meanwhile, Maher Khaled reports that the Criminal Court of Ajman sentenced three Asians to five years in jail to be followed by deportation for trafficking in an Asian child and for running a prostituton ring.

    The court cited that the public prosecution had charged the first two defendants with taking the victim, TA, from Dubai to another place that was provided by the third suspect.