Bus drivers and cabbies top list of Dubai road offenders


Source: www.7daysindubai.com

Public transport vehicles account for nearly half of all motors caught speeding in Dubai so far this year by cops using handheld radars.

Dubai Traffic Police said that during the first nine months of the year they recorded 112,116 traffic offences using ‘Jin’ radars.

General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, head of Dubai Traffic Police, said of that figure, 46,076 offences were committed by drivers of public transport buses and taxis.

“Radars aim to protect the lives of road users from serious accidents and are not for financial benefits like some people think,” Al Zafeen said.

“We want to cut the number of casualties on roads to reach zero deaths by 2020. We used the Jin radars to catch reckless drivers who know the location of other radars and manipulate them by slowing down and speeding after passing them.”

Of the offences so far this year, 42,900 were recorded on Sheikh Zayed Road. More info