Book cabs with car seats for babies in Dubai


By Sneha May Francis

While majority of the parents are extremely particular about strapping their child in a baby/toddler car seat in their car, the theory is often ignored while hiring a cab.

Dubai Taxi
Dubai Taxi

With the figures in May this year establishing that 63 per cent (recorded by the Dubai Health Authority) of deaths among children, aged 14 and below, in the UAE are caused by traffic accidents, it is important that even the child passengers in cabs are well protected.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has dedicated 50 taxis with child seats.

“Fifty child seats have been issued by DTC, along with Baby Shop. With special emphasis extended at the Dubai airport for ‘Ladies Taxi’ and ‘Family Taxi’ services,” explains Mansoor R Al Falasi, Acting CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation.

“Customers can order a taxi fitted with a child seat when booking a cab through the Road Transport Authority (RTA) number 04-2080808.”

This step, the official claims is aimed at spreading awareness about a child’s safety even when using the public transport. “Using child seats in taxis ensures the safety of the children as well as the peace of mind of their family members.”

The DTC, in association with Bubblebum, has also started a trial for an additional 24 child seats. “The drivers were also sent for an in-depth training before the trial went ‘live’”, he adds. More info