Apps can give taxi operators new ideas



Worldwide, the taxi business has been disrupted by transport apps like Uber and Careem. These allow people to hire private cars for short trips, a result which directly impacts the bottom line of taxi companies across the globe.

1The industry has reacted in different ways. In some cities, such as London and New York, there have been mass protests. Some have tried to cooperate with the app companies; others have tried lawsuits to force them out of business.

The UAE is still deciding what to do. Dubai’s RTA has suggested it will issue a reminder to these companies on regulations and on minimum fares. This move, if it happens, will represent limited involvement on the part of the Dubai government – The National’s story made clear the emirate does not want to stifle innovation.

The National has long been in favour of innovation and disruptive technologies. While disruption is difficult for established industries, it is also healthy, as it pushes companies to embrace change and innovate, resulting in a better experience for customers. In the case of Uber and Careem, established taxi companies should look on the competition as an opportunity.

Transport apps are not like other apps; users are not looking for the specific app but rather for the service it provides. For most users, whether they order a taxi via Uber, Careem, the Dubai RTA app or the Abu Dhabi Trans AD app is largely irrelevant. What they are looking for is a safe, convenient, fast way to get home or other destination, with a convenient way to pay. More info