Saturday, June 10, 2023

Taxis at Dubai International Airport

Dubai Taxi Corporation are the official government run taxis at Dubai International Airport.

Dubai Airport taxis are available 24 hours a day and the taxi ranks can be found directly outside each of the Terminal building arrival areas. The drivers all have a good knowledge of the tourist attractions, hotels and other major locations in Dubai. All Dubai airport taxi drivers also command more than one language.

The taxis at Dubai Airport are all metered cabs and are calculated according to the distance recorded. The starting meter charge at Dubai Airport is 25 Dirham and 1.75 Dirham per kilometer until you reach your destination.

See the sections below for a full list of Dubai Airport taxi fares.

To enquire about taxi costs to various destinations The Dubai Taxi agency can be contacted direct on (+971 4) 2080808.

However, we recommend booking a taxi via our online Dubai airport transfer booking service as you may find this to work out cheaper and more convenient.

Simply fill in all the required fields and select your pickup and drop off destination to get a quote.