Abu Dhabi taxis to be fitted with wi-fi and phone chargers


By   www.thenational.ae

Starting this summer, passengers will be able to recharge their mobile phones and access wi-fi via touch screens fitted in more than 4,000 Abu Dhabi taxis.

1Brett Pearson, Taxi Media managing director, said wi-fi should be available in most taxis this year and the “next generation” of screens would have built-in phone chargers, discount vouchers and apps to download on to mobile devices.

Launched in July 2014, the touch-sensitive colour screens are installed in the back of the headrest of the front passenger seat. Test screens first appeared in December 2013 and Taxi Media Middle East now has 1,020 screens in Abu Dhabi taxis, with plans to fit them in Dubai cabs as well.

The system features a continuous 22-minute video loop with a mix of paid advertising, government announcements and promotional content for Abu Dhabi. There are also games, guides to shopping and entertainment, and prizes, such as holiday event tickets, on offer for those who complete onscreen surveys. More info