300 junctions linked to central traffic light system


Source:  gulfnews.com

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the completion of linking 300 signalised junctions with the Central Light Traffic Control System; which represents about 75 per cent of light signals in Dubai.

Traffic lightsRTA said the work was progressing in linking the remaining 100 junctions to the control system so that all signalised junctions would be fully linked to the system by the first half of this year.

The system computes the volume of traffic congestion on main and express roads and detects abnormal traffic flow (such as traffic accidents, roadside vehicle breakdown and congestion triggered by heavy traffic flow).

The system calculates trip timing on these roads following the analysis of inputs received from on-site devices (such as sensors, mobile traffic surveillance cameras, analysis systems installed to automatically identify the traffic flow in the event of accidents or vehicle breakdown).