2,000 ‘private taxi drivers’ fined for illegal transport


Source:  www.emirates247.com

Abu Dhabi Police has announced that 2,000 people, all Asians, were fined for illegal passenger transport (carpooling) in private cars in five months.

Abu Dhabi Police has joined hands with the Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars (TransAD) to put a stop to this illegal practice and fine violators in a joint crackdown campaign.

According to law, illegal car lift services or illegal passengers transport is using private vehicles to transport passengers for a fee without a licence.

Colonel Tariq Al Ghoul, Head of Department of Transport at the Abu Dhabi Police, said, “This campaign aims to strictly curb this practice by raising awareness among motorists on the need to refrain from using their private vehicles to transport passengers for money. The illegal car lift practice requires a radical solution.

We urge individuals to avoid using this illegal service and help the police and all other concerned authorities in fighting it.”

Colonel Al Ghoul added, “This campaign came as a response to complaints we received from individuals who used this illegal service. In a meeting, the transportation police and TransAD discussed illegal car lift, its risks, and the nationalities that are mainly involved in this illegal service.”